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deer and cats up the wazoo
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she/her/herself pronouns, please!

yo, my name's sora and i draw cats sometimes.

my icon was made by :icondeertrot: !!! go and commission her if you want one of your own.


DEAR DAPHNE PMV MAP: Character Sheet by gamakichisora
DEAR DAPHNE PMV MAP: Character Sheet
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: if you're participating in this project, please only use the colors in the palette at the right!!! this includes all backgrounds. the only time you shouldn't be using these colors is if they are altered by lighting (ex. somewhere dark). this also means you cannot use black. white is okay for highlights in character's eyes, or their teeth, but that's about it. please try your best to stick with just the colors used here, even in the line art!!!

there is no set art style for this project; in fact, i encourage you to draw in the style you're most comfortable with!

don't worry about shading; just use flat colors.

you can simplify these designs if they're too complicated, but i think they're pretty manageable... everyone's paw pads are light yellow. if you have any questions/need help, don't hesitate to ask!!!

if a character only appears once/i haven't mentioned them, feel free to come up with your own design. just make sure and use the palette, omg

sorry if i sound strict. i am just trying to ensure that this project comes out as cohesive and lovely as possible. ;__;

thanks to cubzero for the jayfeather and hollyleaf designs, and for persuading me to start this project in the first place! :,,)

thanks to everyone that helped me out in my last journal!!! ;__;
an ill-advised crossover by gamakichisora
an ill-advised crossover
special agents sora scully and rad mulder? more like who the heck let them into the bureau

i've been on an x files kick recently, omg... i'm about halfway through season six and i want dana scully to step on me

radical belongs to my bff cubzero !!! 
i really want to host a warriors map and i've got the song i'm using cut up into parts. the problem is that when i render those parts as mp3 files and then put them back together again they don't play smoothly (there is a small popping nose in between parts/a pause that was definitely not there before rendering) and i have no idea how to fix it... this doesn't happen in the unrendered parts/project file, where everything plays seamlessly. does anyone have any idea how to fix this? i'd really appreciate it.... ;__;

quick note: there is no crossfading/fading at all between parts! here's a screenshot:

alternatively, someone could just tell me how to split a song up into parts for an map from the beginning and i'll try it all over again, if anyone's willing to help

i don't think i ever uploaded this here and i need to show it to some people but i don't want to send them to my tumblr so here you go... tada...... also some people were asking about my fire/gray mythos/headcanons so here they are!!!

fireheart realizing he’s in love with his best friend just as graystripe starts seeing silverstream

fireheart taking care of graystripe after silverstream’s death and spending long nights talking and sharing tongues with him; not with any ulterior motives, he’s just trying his absolute best to make graystripe smile again

graystripe consequently realizing that he’s been in love with his best friend for a long, long time but it’s too much, way too much to deal with alongside his grief and while he did love silverstream it was a different kind of love, something that could never have been as constant and grounding and almost overwhelming as how he feels about fireheart

graystripe leaving for riverclan to give his kits a better life and to get away from his best friend before he does something stupid and fucks things up between them forever because there’s no way fireheart could ever feel the same way back, right? (wrong)

fireheart being absolutely heartbroken because he not only lost his best friend, he feels like he wasn’t a good enough reason for graystripe to want to stay behind and it hurts for a long, long time

fireheart and graystripe reuniting and suddenly sandstorm is in the picture and fireheart feels so, so selfish because sandstorm is wonderful but what he felt for graystripe never really went away and he’s not sure it ever will and he can’t possibly choose just one of them

fireheart and graystripe spending time together and they’re happy, they really are, but neither of them are brave enough to make the first move and there are awkward late night hunting patrols made up of just the two of them and stilted moments spent alone that they both cherish and beat themselves up over in equal measure

graystripe being taken away by twolegs and firestar hating himself because why didn’t he say something, anything, and now he’s never going to see him again and he was such a fucking idiot

graystripe fighting tooth and nail to get back to his best friend and tell him that he loves him because he’s determined, now, and he’s been a coward for far too long to deny how he feels any longer

graystripe meeting milly and one day it just slips out, just like it did with silverstream, but milly understands, and she’s so much more patient and understanding about the fact that he’ll love fireheart in a different way than he’ll ever love her than graystripe feels like he deserves

firestar and graystripe meeting again at the clans’ new home at the lake, spending long nights in the leader’s den just talking and sharing tongues and catching up to each other and being so glad just to be in each other’s company and one day it just slips out of firestar’s mouth, before graystripe has the chance to say anything, and neither of them can stop smiling and sharing secret looks for days despite the guilt sitting heavy in their hearts because he loves me back, he always has, and why didn’t we say anything sooner?

sandstorm and milly bonding over their situations and milly helping sandstorm through it

sandstorm and milly having their own little fling to the side, just a bit, because why not? firestar and graystripe find out and are far more surprised about it than they have any reason to be and sandstorm teases them about the look of shock on both of their faces for moons afterwards

firestar and graystripe and milly and sandstorm being a big, happy (if not a little unconventional) family and if anyone in thunderclan ever finds out or has any beef to pick, they don’t dare to say it because things have been this way for far too long for them to challenge it

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how dare you draw my fursona better than me
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THAT LOOKS SO GOOD AS AN ICON? OMG? i'm so glad... i'm so glad...... 
cubzero Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DOESNT IT you did so well omg tysm...

i can make u an icon if u want? like i did it before but messed it up i can do it again if you like heheh
gamakichisora Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist <--- here's a version without the grainy 90's effect if you wanna use that instead!!!

that would be cool? omg... but i really like my current icon too so idk... maybe just a quick drawing if you're up to it
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Hello I was wondering if you wanted to join my group. I'd appreciate if you checked it out and possibly join and if it wouldn't be to much to ask to, also, advertise and circulate my group to anyone who may also like it and would probably join~! ^^
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!!1!! here you are!
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hi user gamakichisora
will u pls critique my life : )
i spent 17 years on it
gamakichisora Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i've got a phd in bizznasty and a shitty number two pencil poised over my clipboard, ready to list and rate your psychological pitfalls and weigh them against your various talents and/or favorite foods
tulebrose Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
alright, well
sometimes i dream about strong men holding me at night 
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i'm going to be honest here and admit that i kind of want archie from team aqua to benchpress me so i can't exactly fault you for that one
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